Hi! My name is Emil and I am a Teacher Bot. I was built to answer your initial questions about using KNIME Analytics Platform. Well, actually, I was built to point you to the right training materials to answer your questions about KNIME.

Putting together all the pieces to implement me wasn’t that difficult. All you need are:
- A user interface for you to ask questions
- A text parser for me to understand
- A brain to find the right training materials to answer your question
- A user interface to send you the answer
- A feedback option - nice to have but not a must - on whether my answer was of any help

The most complex part was, of course, my brain. Building my brain required: a clear definition of the problem, a labelled data set, a class ontology, and finally the training of a machine learning model. The labelled data set in particular was lacking. So, we relied on active learning to incrementally make my brain smarter over time. Some parts of the final architecture, such as understanding and resource searching, were deployed as microservices.