There is a core BI dilemma that you will find at almost any organization. That dilemma simply put is: “Why does it always seem so hard to get the data and insight you need to solve a business problem?”. Strip away all the corporate politics and legacy systems and data science initiatives and this is the core of the challenge facing us today. The solution to this is not just hiring a few data scientists or enabling the elite 1% of your organization to work with data. Data needs to be for everyone, for the 99% that may not have a PhD in math but still want to use data to make better business decisions. We need to unlock a data curiosity in every single member of our teams.

In this session we will explore strategies to unlock data curiosity throughout the organization. One set of strategies will focus on how to build the right BI ecosystem that maximizes data curiosity and flexibility. We will also explore how ignoring the smaller business questions can work against a long-term culture of data curiosity.