Predictive analytics vs Machine learning

Big data holds a lot of value that businesses can analyse and interpret to make cost savings, improve their business and drive operations forward. However, in order to access the wealth of information available the data needs to be processed in order to offer insights and different frameworks can have...

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Why businesses are using Big Data for competitive advantage

Data is now an important tool for businesses to utilise, whatever sector they operate in and whether they’re a global company or a small firm. Companies are increasingly using big data to gain a competitive advantage over business rivals but how does it benefit them? Analysing the datasets a business...

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Announcing Big Data LDN

Two Day Exhibition and Conference Dedicated to Big Data to be Held in London Big Data LDN to be held at Olympia London, 3-4 November 2016 A new free to attend two-day exhibition and conference focusing on how to build dynamic, data-driven enterprises will open its doors at Olympia London...

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How To Become A Data-Driven Company

The value of big data can’t be overstated for businesses nowadays. The collection and analysis of data has allowed thousands of businesses to make decisions that are driven by that data, lending their decisions more weight and credibility – and even predicting the future with machine-learning. But how can you...

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