Where to start your data-driven journey

Looking for value in all the right places. At a recent visit to a local bookstore, I noticed something I hadn’t spotted before: there were far more books on self-help than there were on the subject of business improvement. At home, I did a quick search on more than...

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How being data driven gets you to pole position

At TIBCO we know that harnessing data during digital transformation is at the core of adapting, evolving and winning. Data is an insight as relevant for motorsport teams competing in Formula One™, as it is for those decision-makers in charge of businesses. Data is the rich and invaluable fuel that...

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Is Your Storage Ready for 44 Zettabytes of Big Data?

Alex McMullan, CTO, International, Pure Storage. By 2020, every human will generate 1.7MB of data per second. In addition, big data will soon surpass the 44 zettabyte mark. This is staggering when you consider that only 0.5% of data is actually analysed and used. Yet every organization, from automotive to finance...

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How big data helps companies become data-driven

A data-driven organization’s end goal should be to reach a stage where each decision requires data analysis and its use flows a firm’s processes naturally. Whether your employees are working on big data processes or different tasks, everyone in the organization should be capable of exploiting data independently. The idea...

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The value of transforming into a data-driven business

We live in an age of data, analytics and statistics – whether we like it or not. And in order to remain competitive, businesses need to grab hold of the data-driven opportunities on offer and incorporate analytics into their strategies. Companies that have not only embraced data, but utilised it...

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How To Become A Data-Driven Company

The value of big data can’t be overstated for businesses nowadays. The collection and analysis of data has allowed thousands of businesses to make decisions that are driven by that data, lending their decisions more weight and credibility – and even predicting the future with machine-learning. But how can you...

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