Creating ROI From Big Data Investments – Monetising Your Data Asset

Companies are investing untold amounts of money and time into their data ecosystems all in an attempt to benefit from greater insights and an ability to take smarter and faster action across their business. Most recently, innovative companies have invested further into new Big Data solutions designed to get them the last mile toward accessing ALL of their data assets.

Unfortunately for some companies this spending spree on data technology has resulted in piles of new data but not necessarily a clear path to ROI. Now that we have ALL the data at our fingertips what next? How do companies treat the data they are collecting as an asset and realize significant ROI on the effort and investment? This session will share how companies are disrupting their current strategy to deploy data driven products and services while enabling a much wider community of analytic consumers. Automation, collaboration and democratized data as a service are helping companies monetize their data assets.

TIBCO’s Shawn Rogers explains more at Big Data LDN 2017