Company Profile

CREMA (Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) aims at simplifying the establishment, management, adaptation, and monitoring of dynamic, cross-organisational manufacturing processes following Cloud manufacturing principles and in the context of Industry 4.0. It allows Manufacturer to keep pace with the needs of the industry of the future where they need to flexibly react to customer demands and be able to offer production capacities in a rapid way with highly customised products. Thus, companies looking for manufacturing capacity can be supported by CREMA which provides the means to find these capacities, configure them, and integrate them into their own manufacturing processes. CREMA ports successful concepts from the fields of Everything-as-a-Service and Cloud computing to manufacturing. This ultimately allows agile collaboration through flexible and scalable manufacturing including the on-demand leasing and releasing manufacturing assets allowing rapid elasticity through dynamic scaling, as well as pay-per-use, manufacturing services. The use and integration of manufacturing data from machines, using Internet-of-Things, Sensors and Cyber-physical systems technology, allows the CREMA Platform to fulfill this goal. CREMA is a Research and Innovation project sponsored by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.