Nephos Technologies


Company Profile

Nephos Technologies’ sole focus is data. We help some of the world’s leading organisations to better store, protect, analyse and collaborate on their data, regardless of whether it resides in public or private Cloud environments. Nephos delivers innovative ways of solving new and old problems, making the right choice the easy choice when it comes to your data.

Nephos Technologies helps organisations benchmark their existing data environment with a view to understanding your business direction; we then map technology recommendations to enable you to deliver these outcomes. We do this by working closely with our customers, generally through an initial consulting engagement with one of our Smart Services, which we combine with our experience with technology innovations to make recommendations in line with your technological, commercial and business goals.

Nephos Technologies was founded in the belief that customers were no longer getting real value from their traditional partners. Legacy integrators just weren’t setup to provide expert advice on the new set of challenges that customers were facing around managing their data. We wanted Nephos to be a company that provided value with a true expertise around data management and to challenge our customers to think differently. We came to market as a modern integrator with a focus on helping our customers to better understand their environment, with independent recommendations as to how to overcome their challenges and support their strategic development.