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Company Profile

Helping organisations achieve more from their data by building Trust, Capability and Insight.

The data ‘to-do’ list is exhilarating; balancing the competing needs to deliver genuine insight from your data, mitigating potential data risks and supporting the growing data-centric dimension of the business!

We help organisations build trust in their data – improving data quality and dovetailing technical data management with the appropriate governance, so that the entire business can treat data as a strategic asset.

As the quality of the underlying data asset improves, we start unlocking it’s potential to drive new insights in both the day to day operation and strategic decision making. The realisation of these insights will require new capabilities – both technical and people. We have the expertise to bridge the gaps between the technical, analytical and operational teams, and can challenge long engrained behaviours at all levels of the organisation.

Oakland Data and Analytics - Practical help from practical people.

Oakland Data and Analytics is part of The Oakland Group which has been solving quality and operational excellence problems of large, complex organisations for over 30 years. Oakland led much of the original thinking on how to apply statistical process control in complex process environments, and is now adopting advanced analytical capabilities to real-world business problems. Data has, therefore, always been at the heart of what we do.