Company Profile

To fight the war against terror, Law Enforcement Agencies increasingly rely on social media intelligence (SOCMINT). RED-Alert is an action sponsored by the European Union to bring together partners in socio-economic, technical, and law enforcement fields to research into ideas and innovate with solutions to address this challenge.
Todays commercial tools used by Law enforcement agencies focus primarily on data mining and predictive analytics i.e. visualizing and analysing data on maps through time-sequence playback, centralizing multiple data stores in one system, discovering hidden value in existing information stores, and sharing data with other law enforcement organizations
SOCMINT is a new future field of intelligence covering a wide range of applications, techniques and capabilities analysing social media data, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social Network Analysis (SNA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Complex Event Processing (CEP).
RED-Alert will consider a wide range of social media channels, in particular new channels such as Telegram and Periscope, which are increasingly used by terrorist groups to disseminate their content. The RED-Alert solution will allow Law Agencies to take coordinated action in real-time while preserving the privacy of citizens.