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Company Profile

River is a continuous improvement software product that combines essential business data with team collaboration. River liberates your business KPIs and brings together teams to act on what matters most.

Revolutionise your business with River:

River is a unique software product for businesses that combines essential performance data with social collaboration. It’s designed for businesses and built for teams. Using River, every team sees up to date performance metrics with KPIs relevant to them. It enables teams to engage around goals which are based on visibility of the most important business metrics.

River provides a focused space for collaboration and social communication that has real business purpose. So you can use River to connect teams - in any location - through activities which are targeted at goals. This empowers your teams to improve through measuring and sharing their success. This is because your business data is regularly updated in River, allowing teams to see the impact of their collaboration directly.

With River:

- Users enjoy cross business visibility of a common set of performance data
- Visualisation of data is designed specifically to support easy decision making and goal setting
- Drill down of performance metrics through organisational levels
- Specific and measurable goals can be created based on team metrics at all levels
- Engagement of teams through establishing goals that align with the overall business strategy

River isn’t just a continuous improvement tool. River will surface your teams’ most effective activities and share them through a social platform. This sharing of success inspires other teams across your organisation with activity ideas that could be transferable. What’s more, the celebration of team successes and efforts provides valuable employee engagement. Because teams are empowered to set their own goals, you can rest assured that teams will connect around activities that provide a clear business benefit. So, with River, you can ensure continuous improvement is always supported by ongoing reviews which are based on your business’ latest data.