Web: http://www.visokio.com/
Tel: +44 20 7351 4646

Company Profile

Visokio are developers of Omniscope, a very broad-scope scalable streaming data blending, transformation/preparation tool including R-based high-performance analytics and interactive visual discovery & reporting...all in a single comprehensive tool that runs on all platforms & devices.

Scalable streaming Java architecture supports big data, 'canned'​ and custom R-based analytics, with open, extensible views architecture than supports open-source JavaScript visualization workspaces and web-deployable browser HTML interfaces using native as well as customisable open-source JavaScript interactive visualisations.

Omniscope connects directly to most data sources via the drag-and-drop DataManager workspace, an integrated, visual data set blending & transformation/ETL workflow designer. The imported, transformed, in-memory data sets are compact, file-based, portable and auto-refreshable. The multi-tab, multi-view DataExplorer presentation/'dashboard'​ interface supports most visualization types in an easy-to-configure touch-friendly interface, which can be displayed in a free Viewer, or any modern browser, including those running on iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks. Omniscope enables any organization to create file-based workflows that automatically (and repeatedly) import, integrate, transform, optimize, visualize, analyse, distribute, present, and refresh large data sets to practically any device as highly-visual interactive decision support 'dashboards'​ with advanced interactive filtering/drill-down capabilities and user-driven simulation modeling on the desktop.

Unlimited viewers/recipients can interact with highly-visual file-based reports or 'dashboards'​ using either local free Viewers or centrally-hosted interactive HTML5 /JS web views that display in modern browsers.

Increased data science and BI productivity ( 'hard'​ ROI) results from using a only a single, broad 'next-generation'​ data blending/preparation/analytics/presentation tool - Omniscope