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Company Profile

VoltDB powers applications that require real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data for a connected world, without compromising on ACID requirements. No other database can fuel applications that require a combination of speed, scale, volume and accuracy.

Architected by the 2014 A.M. Turing Award winner, Dr. Michael Stonebraker, VoltDB is a ground-up redesign of the relational database for today’s growing real-time operations and machine learning challenges. Dr. Stonebraker has conducted research on database technologies for more than 40 years, leading to numerous innovations in fast data, streaming data and in-memory databases. With VoltDB, he realized the full potential of tapping streaming data with in-memory transactional database technology that can handle data's speed and volume while delivering real-time analytics and decision making.

VoltDB is a trusted name in the industry already validated by leading organizations like: Nokia, Financial Times, Mitsubishi Electric, HPE, Barclays, Huawei, and more.