You know the feeling. You’re in a meeting and the presenter is sharing data-driven insights. But they make no sense! It’s not the data that’s the problem, it’s the way they are presented. This is the Last Mile of Data Analytics. All your investment in people and technology means nothing if you do not effectively share the insight with others, in order to drive better decisions. Designing charts for meetings, presentations or even keynotes is a learnable skill. Andy Cotgreave, author of the Big Book of Dashboards, and Computing’s Analytics Professional of the Year, has sat through thousands of meetings, and seen many crimes committed against data. He’s even committed many himself. He’s also seen how effectively it can be done, with a little bit of effort. In this keynote, Andy will share his tips on presenting data effectively. You will leave with a bunch of easy-to-apply tricks to make your charts punch home their message in every meeting or presentation you lead.