Extracting value from data is always a compromise between attention to detail and time. Sometimes we can afford to invest weeks or months mining a dataset for every last drop of value, generating insights that a less thorough approach would miss. But often we don’t have that luxury due to lack of time. This session will appeal to analysts who constantly find themselves up against it in their daily quest to prep, blend and analyse data quickly and efficiently. Learn how cutting-edge data science and analytics platform ‘Alteryx’ drastically reduces the time it takes to get from raw data to actionable insight, with a particular focus on location-based data.

Join us for a live and interactive build which will give attendees a superb introduction to what Alteryx looks like and how it works – we’ll have 25 minutes to scrape and cleanse open-source geographic data (in JSON format) which we’ll then blend with population and income data to produce engaging geodemographic maps and summary tables. In addition to ‘bread and butter’ drag-and-drop self-service analytics functions like import, filter, join, transform and export, we’ll also feature advanced spatial analysis functions such as drivetimes, catchment modelling and customer profiles. Prepare to be amazed at how much can be achieved in a short space of time – the key is having the right tools, and Alteryx is one of the very best.