Companies that use data well are more efficient, effective, and profitable. Unfortunately, most organizations struggle to keep up with the changing supply of data — and the growing business demands for that data. The key is to connect data supply to data users in a way that scales, supports existing workflows, and serves as a foundation for the future.

This session will explore how to bring data to users where and when they need it without sacrificing data governance or unified metrics. This session will also present proven ways to build a data foundation for your organisation that can support future changes in both data supply and data demand.

Specifically, attendees will discover:
• The key considerations to driving the most value from data, including: self-service, governance, custom interfaces, modeling, and connections to existing business systems.
• How to provide users access to data in a way that naturally fits in their existing workflows and allows users to take immediate action.
• How companies like Deliveroo and King extract critical business insights from growing data and deliver those insights to their business users.