Serverless brings with it a groundswell of interest in event-driven architectures. Many advocate FaaS as a natural fit for stream processing and event-driven design, but is that just marketing speak?

In this talk I will dispel the myths behind serverless and show how it can form part of an event-driven streaming architecture that could power ‘eBay’; one that brings with it all of the best practices developed over the last 25 years of being event-driven. Event-sourcing, replayability, reactive, CQRS, event-collaboration and others; you don't get them for free unless you build your application with the correct mindset.

I will explain why an event-driven mindset is required for the modern, digital organisation and how this underpins the DNA of a digital business. I will then walk through building an event-driven streaming application from the core event model to stream and table abstractions and building an architecture that leverages the capabilities of Apache Kafka. The end state is a solution that handles Stateful stream processing and leverages FaaS for stateless stream processing. As part of this journey we will evaluate how the Event and Command pattern is being replaced with just Events as the API; and the host of benefits that this shift in ideology brings. Finally, I will touch on streaming patterns like data-fabrics, lineage, FaaS analytics and discuss how these have been used to build a massively scalable, cloud-based auctioning platform.