Today there is a widespread focus on the 'how' in relation to problem solving. How can we gain better knowledge of what consumers want, or need? How can we be more efficient, reduce the cost to serve, or grow the lifetime value of a customer? But, how do you move to a place where you are not only solving a problem, you are redesigning the entire strategic potential of that problem? You are being armed with insight on what the problem is.

Data and innovation offer huge potential to revolutionise all markets. There is an opportunity to be one step ahead of the need, to redesign journeys and enhance enterprise strategies. To do this you need access to the most advanced analytics but also the best quality, including variations and types of data, and then the technology that can act on this insight. Data science can present a unique opportunity for uncovered growth and accelerate your business through strategic innovation – fast. In this session you will hear more about how today's analytics can move from a single task, to an ongoing strategic opportunity. An opportunity that helps you move at the speed of the market and helps you maximise every opportunity.