For years, the world's best minds in analytics have relied on IT teams to be their data producers. Is this the future of self-service analytics and data governance? What if the model were shifted? Can a recommendation system be built for data assets?

We have proven that it can. And industry analysts like Michelle Goetz at Forrester are describing this future as "Ambient Governance." Growth in data requires new approaches and techniques to help with organising the human adoption of data and analytics.

Join us to hear how to break through the fear, fatigue and failure of today's self-service analytics and data governance projects with a data catalogue. We'll share how 1,000s of data consumers are receiving proactive recommendations from data catalogues and driving business outcomes at companies like:
• MunichRe with over 2,000 analysts and actuaries defining new insurance products
• Pfizer with data science teams uncovering rare disease markers with AI
• Scout24 with over 50 percent of the company performing self-service analysis