Treatment rather than prevention will grind public services down to a point of surrender. We have to reduce demand through an early intervention approach. The potential impact for each agency is high, but what about the collective impact? All partners across the public sector are 'retreating' - at different rates, at different times - and critically, without a full understanding of the impact their own actions have on other agencies. This leads to uncertainty on the medium and long-term impact this could have on society.

The application of true predictive analytics in the public sector has, and still remains fairly limited, but there is a huge appetite building to change this picture. There are many leaders in the public sector who are great visionaries. They also invest in empowering their staff to push new technological boundaries within the limitations of their information technology structure. People are beginning to 'get' the potential of this technology. There is a real drive by leaders to 'make it happen'.

Sean Price explores how predictive capabilities have been used to transform public sector organisations and critically; what the blueprint for success is for single and multi-agency organisations.