While great strides have been made in equipping the analyst with ever smarter tools for gleaning insight from data, techniques and platforms for allowing the workforce to benefit from these insights in a timely fashion have been lacking. The third revolution in analytics will enable this wider workforce, consisting of front line workers who are not traditional users of data, to rapidly monetise insights coming from the business analyst even while their day to day actions improve the intelligence of the enterprise.
In this session, you will learn what characteristics an analytics platform must possess in order to enable the third revolution as well as see examples of how to build the organisational and cultural changes that are also necessary. A case study and common pitfalls to be avoided will be presented. Key industry trends such as AI, embedded analytics, and widening data literacy will be discussed as enablers for the third revolution in analytics.
Join Rob Davis, Vice President of Product Management for MicroStrategy, as he presents the importance of bridging this last mile of analytics to the creation of a truly Intelligent Enterprise.