Speaker Profile

John has over 20 years experience in applying artificial intelligence techniques across a number of different industry areas. His main responsibility lies in leading the EMEA technical and data science teams for h2o.ai, who provide organisations the ability to democratise artificial intelligence and embed it into better decision-making - both faster and more accurate.

Computers, numbers, statistics and logical problem solving have always been his main passions, so it is no surprise that he spent his entire career working for organisations that specialise in solving business problems using advanced analytics. His degree is in Applied Statistics with his dissertation focusing on “The use of analytics to devise a profitable betting strategy for football matches”. He managed to simulate over 10% return.

After spending time with Transco educating customers on how to use the computer system that transports gas around the country, he joined SAS in 1998. He has held a number of technical and more recently managerial roles at SAS helping customers on a day-to-day basis, whether it be on sales opportunities, in training courses and workshops, consultancy engagements or troubleshooting on technical support.

His latest role allows John to draw on all of this experience to help the next generation of business leaders and data scientists to transform their work and be part of the AI (r)evolution.

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