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Starting her career as a junior recruiter in 2000, focusing exclusively on data and analytics, Roisin has forged her career by building relationships between people who want to develop their careers and those who need the rare skills that these people can provide. As a result of her efforts, almost two thousand people have moved into more satisfying roles and dozens of teams put together. Today, she runs the successful recruitment firm, Datatech Analytics, and is the co-founder of the ground-breaking initiative, Women in Data UK. Over the past 18 years, Roisin has been responsible for building some of the UK’s most cutting-edge data teams and has facilitated some of the most influential and successful careers in this sector, building relationships, influence and firm friendships along the way. Roisin is seen as a thought leader and an authority on careers, team development and talent acquisition in the field. Her unrivalled network of contacts, commitment to the data and analytics community and her unwavering passion for building strong, skilled teams is what makes her so unique.

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